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Ascending Mount Michener with Abraham Mountain and Abraham Lake behind.


September 10 2011: It's been a crazy year. Summitsearch has been gobbling up lots of time, but has been well worth the effort. There was crazy snow and avalanche hazard this winter which translated into a very late summer with snowmelt being 3 weeks behind. Some peaks never got into condition this year. I broke my clavicle in June on Mount Glasgow which put a huge halt to my usual summer adventures. I got out a little in July but I could climb or carry a pack. In August I went up hard summits to make up for the lack of ascents the rest of the year. I managed to injure my Achilles Tendon on my left foot on the Forbes trip and had to hobble out from Forbes with a painful foot. My injuries seem to be fine now. I recently got slideshows and photo albums working on summitsearch. To save myself time, I will only be submitting new trips to summitsearch. I will include links to the trips from here so that you can still find them easily. I encourage people to start using summitsearch. I am working hard to make it the best mountain site on the net.

March 5 2011: Wow. It's been awhile since my last update. I have been incredibly busy working on a new site. is an awesome new mountain encyclopedia/trip report/photo/mapping site that I spent a lot of time developing. I highly encourage everyone to visit it. If you have time please contribute trip reports and photos. I have worked hard to make the site as simple as possible to contribute to. I get lots of great ideas from the community on how I can improve the site and I am still working hard to implement them all. I have lots of work on the site to do so keep checking up on it now and then.

January 14 2010: I have been busy with school work the past term. I also have been contributing a lot of trip reports and photos to "The Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia". I recently added somemore trips to my wishlist. I have some cool ideas for the site that I hope to be able to implement soon. Due to the unpopularity of the donate button I have removed it. I intend to try to gather support for the site by selling panorama posters instead. That is one of the ideas I hope to implement. I'd rather not have to resort to placing ads on the site. Allison and I had a fun Christmas in Canmore and we celebrated our first anniversary together on the 27th of December. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay in Skoki Lodge this year. Happy ski season everyone.

November 7 2009: I have finished all the trip reports for summer 2009 and updated the trip wish list page to mention all the trips on my wish list that I completed this summer. If I get enough time then maybe I can make some improvements to the site. So far my donation button has turned out to be exceedingly unpopular. Either that or no one can figure out how to use it. I might try putting ads on the site as an alternative source of revenue. I am open to other ideas as to how I can at least partially fund my trips. I like being a student except for the not having enough money to have fun part. If I were given one wish, I would wish for a way to make money climbing mountains. That way I could climb more mountains.

July 8 2009: I have added a donation button right above the news section. After all this site isn't free for me to keep up. I've already paid dreamhost 400$ to host it so far. That is nothing compared to the amount of money that goes into going on trips and buying equipment, as many of you know. I also spend a lot of time adding content to this site and adding new features. As an added bonus, if you donate then I will grant you access to full resolution photos of a trip of your choice. You could print large enough photos to frame that way.

May 26 2009: I fixed the problem with internet explorer. Now when you move your mouse over a thumbnail it displays any caption that I have written about the photo. This now works with internet explorer. I am behind on adding new features. Between school, personal life and adding new trips onto the site I find that I have little time to add new features. In fact, I am quite often behind on adding new trips and writting stuff about them. I hope to eventually add all the features that I have been talking about, but it will probably take a long time.

May 23 2009: I finally finished adding my wedding photos to the site. There is a link in the top left list of this page. We had a great wedding and everyone had fun. We spent our honeymoon at Skoki on new years day. I added a new feature to the trips. Now when you move your mouse over a thumbnail it will display any caption that I have written about the photo. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working in Internet Explorer. So until I get it fixed you might want to use a different browser to view my trips. It still works, just looks funny.

December 2 2008: After a lot of work I have finally completed restitching all of my older panoramas. Initially I used a program that came with my camera called Photostitch. I was able to stitch together photos with it but the quality of the stitching was decent at best and most of the time I spent hours fighting with it to get it to stitch my photos at least well enough to show to others. At the end of 2007 I found an excellent free program called Hugin that I have been using to fix up my photos. Now that I am finally done I can focus on improving other aspects of my website. For example if you look at my trip wish list you will notice that it has been updated and more updates are still to come.

I have many ideas for my website that may remain ideas for awhile yet but if I have time I might be able to make them a reality. One of which is to redesign my website to allow for people to write comments on my trips and discuss various mountain topics on a forum. Even if no one uses this feature it would still give me some great web programming experience. So far I am not sure what people would think of these changes. I welcome and encourage feedback on this matter so please send me an email with your thoughts about improving my website using the address at the bottom of this page.

In other news I have returned to school at the University of Alberta to complete an after degree in Mathematics. After this degree is complete in 2 years I hope to start a masters degree in computing science and eventually maybe become a professor. This may interfere with my winter trips in particular as I am very busy during term most of the time and also my income is very limited as well. I hope to fit in at least 2 trips this winter. In other much more exciting news I will be getting married in less than a month to Allison Keefe. We met in dance class at university 2 years ago and have had many great times together since. I look forward to the many happy years we will spend together.

June 9 2008: Welcome to my brand new locale. My new site costs more than my old site but it has some advantages. One it is a lot easier to remember than my old website address. Second it is capable of storing many more pictures. 500Gb of them. I hope to make my full sized images available on this site soon.
I have also finished restitching my summit panoramas with the exception of Cirque Peak and Northover Ridge which I cannot restitch since I didn't keep the original photos. I still have to restitch the smaller non summit panoramas. The restitched versions were done using Hugin which does a much better job than my previous program PhotoStitch.

Apr 8 2008: I have been laid off from my position at the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning. I am currently looking for employers in need of a Programmer. I may have to cut back on my trips until I find employment. What this means for my website. Well it is attached to my account at the Computing Science Department at the University of Alberta. When this account is terminated it will have to be moved somewhere else. At the moment I have not done any research about who I could get to host my website, whether my website will run on their architecture and how much it will cost me. Worst case scenario is that I will have to store my website on my home computer and take it offline until I figure things out. It probably wont be taken offline until September. If it is taken offline it may not be available for a few months.

Jan 21 2008: I am currently using hugin my new panorama program to touch up my panoramas to remove any stitches that photostitch left behind. This will probably be a long ongoing process that will result in much better looking panoramas.

Jan 16 2008: I added my winter ski schedule to the 2008 trips section. This of course is susceptible to change.

Jan 15 2008: I added a news column to the front page. Now I can blog like everyone else.

Dec 23 2007: I purchased a brand new Canon Camera. 8 Megapixels and 6x Optical Zoom. Maybe now I will be able to capture wildlife on my trips before they run away.

Nov 26 2007: I deleted Windows from my machine and installed Linux. Which thankfully forced me to say goodbye to Photostitch which I had been using to stitch my panoramas together. I now use Hugin; which comes free with Linux. I believe it is available for free on Windows and Macs. It takes more time to create a panorama with Hugin, however it produces flawless panoramas that have no visible seems. The increased time required to make panoramas is due to the fact that you must specify control points(areas that match for 2 photos) for each overlapping photo so that it can stitch photos together properly. But this requirement is necessary to create great panoramas in my humble opinion.

Please send me any comments or suggestions or mountain/flora identifications

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